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About BDP

Botswana's ruling party since 1966.



1962: On the 28th of February greatness was founded. The then Bechuanaland Democratic party was formed by Sir Seretse Khama, it later changed to Botswana Democratic Party.


1965: Botswana Democratic Party won the first ever Botswana elections, it won 28 of 31 seats. It has been in power for 48 years.


1966: Under the rule of Botswana Democratic Party, on September 30 the country became the independent Republic of Botswana with Sir Seretse Khama its first President.



  • Unity

  • Kagisano

  • Democracy

  • Development

  • Self Reliance

  • Botho


The party is determined to pursue a policy of equality, solidarity, peace, political, economic and social progress and prosperity for the people of Botswana.





To be a leading political force welded together by patriotism and voluntary desire.





Botswana Democratic Party was established in 1962, when the level of literacy was low in Botswana, followers of the party could not pronounce or understand the word “Democratic” and as a result called it “Domkrag”, which was then a common “vehicle jack” - a device for raising heavy weights off the ground. The reason the BDP decided to adopt the symbol showing the Jack lifting Botswana was because it spoke volumes and did not need any explanation. Coupled with the slogan “Tsholetsa Domkrag”, this emphasized the Value, Vision and Mission of the Party to uplift the lives and aspirations of Batswana from the humble beginnings at Independence, to one of the sustainable fast growing economies in the world. Domkrag has, as the slogan says, lifted Botswana to greater heights.



Black- The black signifies resource constraints and lack of resources at Independence. The Black means the darkness of the times as a result.RedRed signifies the hard work that Batswana engaged in to get the Country out of dark ages - the struggles that were endured with limited resources to liberate Botswana from a very poor economic state.


Red- The red signifies the fire we had to go through as a nation to attain our Independence in its true sense of the word.


White- The white signifies the light at the end of the tunnel. As a neutral colour, it depicts peace, humility and prosperity. Botswana continues to empower its citizens for better living and working conditions.Thus the Black, Red and White of its colours signify that we went from darkness, through fire, into light.

Membership Responsibility

Membership of the Party entails a heavy responsibility that demands high political and moral qualities as well as selfless dedication to the cause of the Party which is the cause of the People.




Membership of the Party is voluntary and open to all Batswana who accepts the Party’s policies and programmes of actions and are not members of other political Parties or organizations whose policies and inspiration are incompatible with those of the Party.


Associate members shall be persons include corporate persons who wish to demonstrate their sympathy to the Party and its objectives. Individuals associate members shall pay an annual membership subscription fee as prescribe from time to time. They shall however, be expected to sign an application for membership and make such subscription to Party funds, or contribute in kind as they may freely wish to.

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