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Democracy, like a plant does not grow or develop on its must be nursed and nurtured if it is to grow and flourish. It must be believed in and practiced if it is to be appreciated. And it must be fought for and defended if it is to survive
Seretse Khama, first President of Botswana, speech given at the opening of the fifth session of Botswana’s third National Assembly in November 1978.



The women’s wing of the Botswana Democratic Party (hereinafter referred to as “the Wing” shall have as its principles and objects the following;

1.1. Those objects, aims and purposes set out in the constitution of the Botswana Democratic Party” as may be amended from time to time.

1.2. To raise the standard of living and to improve the lot of all women Botswana, and without limiting the generality of the aforegoing, by encouraging them to actively participate in the economy of the country and to take advantage of government assistance schemes for income generation.

1.3. To raise the political consciousness of women and to encourage them to take active part in politics, including presenting themselves for seeking political office to ensure the maximum representation of women in all decision making bodies.

1.4. To raise the social consciousness of women and encourage them to conscientiously engage in voluntary and charitable work to improve the lot of Batswana, including the underprivileged and disadvantaged.


The Party PresidentH.E. Lt. Gen Seretse Khama Ian Khama
The Party ChairmanH.E Dr. PHK Kedikilwe
The Secretary GeneralMr. Mpho Balopi
Deputy Secretary GeneralCllr Malebogo Kruger
The Party TreasurerMr A. S. Dada
Deputy Treasurer and MCC FrancistownMr Thapelo Olopeng
MCC -Hon. Lt. Gen. M.S. Merafhe
MCC- North EastDamen Thapa
MCC - North WestMr Abel Molelo
MCC - WesternMr Victor Motobake
MCC - BOMASEMs Mmapula Phuduhudu
MCC - SHOMAHon Botlogile Tshireletso
MCC - KwenengCllr C. Mantle
MCC - GaboroneMrs Tebatso Lekalake - Mashabela



“Party” – means the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)
“Movement” – means the Botswana Democratic Party Youth Wing.
“Executive” means the eight officers i.e. Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Vice-Secretary, Treasurer, Political Officer, Information Officer and Fundraising/Projects Officer in the case of the national Youth Executive, or any Branch of the Youth Wing.
“Melting Pot” means Chief Administrative Officer.


There is hereby in pursuance of Article 5 of the Botswana Democratic Party Constitution, constituted a political Youth Wing of the said “BOTSWANA DEMOCRATIC PARTY”. Hereinafter referred to as the (“YOUTH WING”).


a) The Botswana Democratic Party Youth Wing, while retaining some measures of self-identity, shall be an integral part of the Botswana Democratic Party’s structure.

b) The Botswana Democratic Party Youth Wing, while identifying itself with the aims and objectives as laid down in the Botswana Democratic Party constitution shall aim at:

i. Fostering National Unity and deep national commitment to the principles of Democracy, Self-reliance, Development and Social Justice.
ii. Raising the level of political consciousness among the party’s Membership and the people generally.
iii. Giving expression to the aspirations of the people of Botswana and advising the party thereon.
iv. Helping to maintain a modern and adaptable party organization which shall fulfil the wishes and aspirations of our society.
v. Instilling discipline and developing sense of loyalty and service to the party and to the nation, and
vi. Serving as a link of communication between the Party and the people.

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